The New Look of Geritol®



geritol-tvWHAt’s new with Geritol®?

We’ve had a makeover! What’s changed exactly? Just our package and our name. For simplicity, Geritol® Complete is now Geritol® multivitamin, and Geritol® Tonic is now Geritol® liquid. Same great products and trusted formulas in a new vibrant, fabulous package!


Same Trusted Formula.

Geritol fans rest assured – we have NOT changed the well-balanced multivitamin and liquid formulas that you have trusted for generations. Check our labels – Geritol multivitamin contains the same 26 essential vitamins and minerals as before, and Geritol liquid is the same exact formula for energy support.

When will the new package be available?

The fresh, new look of Geritol will be released in August of 2013, so start looking for it at the end of August and early September on your local drugstore or superstore shelves.