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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you better understand the benefits of Geritol. If you have additional questions please reach out and contact us.

How does Geritol Liquid support my energy levels?

Geritol Liquid supplement provides you with energy support through:

  • High potency B Vitamins
    (B1, B2, niacin, B6 and pantothenic acid)
  • 100% of your daily value of iron

When it comes to healthy energy support, both B vitamins and iron are the best nutrients to consider.

How do I use Geritol Liquid?

Geritol liquid is a liquid vitamin to be taken once daily as a supplement to your meal, just like a regular daily multivitamin.


Take 1 tablespoon (½ fluid ounce) of Geritol liquid daily after a meal or as directed by a doctor. Use the Geritol dosage cup that is included in the package.

How much iron does Geritol Liquid contain?

The Geritol® liquid supplement with iron contains 18 mg of elemental iron per ½ fluid ounce (or 1 tablespoon), which is 100% of the Daily Value for iron.

The type of iron in Geritol liquid is Ferric Ammonium Citrate, a special type of iron that can be easily dissolved into a liquid for a more convenient way to take iron daily. In addition to iron, Geritol liquid also contains these high potency B-vitamins for energy support when you need it:

  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pantothenic acid

Why does Geritol Liquid contain alcohol?

Will Geritol Liquid stain my teeth?

Most liquid forms of iron medicine tend to stain your teeth, but only if not addressed.

The good news is that you can prevent, reduce or remove these stains easily with these easy tips below:

  • Mix a dose of Geritol® liquid with water or fruit juice.
  • Drink Geritol liquid from a straw to help keep the medicine from making contact with your teeth.
  • Take Geritol liquid by dropper. This way the liquid can be deliberately placed at the back of the tongue, again to avoid touching the teeth. Chase it down with a glass of water or fruit juice.
  • Recent stains on your teeth can usually be removed by brushing with baking soda, baking soda tooth paste or hydrogen peroxide (3%).

Do I need to refrigerate Geritol Liquid?

No, even though it is a liquid and your gut may tell you to put it in the refrigerator, you do not need to store Geritol® liquid in your refrigerator, and you certainly would not want to freeze it.

Geritol liquid contains a small amount of alcohol which acts as a preservative and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the liquid formula. It is perfectly safe to store it in a pantry or medicine cabinet along with your other supplements at room temperature.

As stated on the packaging, do not store Geritol liquid at temperatures greater than 77° F (25° C).

Does Geritol Liquid contain artificial sweeteners?

No, Geritol liquid does not contain any artificial sweeteners. It does contain 7 grams of sugar to lightly sweeten the liquid and provide a sweeter, more pleasant taste.

Some beverages and other liquid products will use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin or sucralose to reduce calories and advertise their products as “sugar-free” or “diet,” but these sugar substitutes are usually more intensely sweet and may leave a strong aftertaste in your mouth.

What makes Geritol a well-balanced multivitamin?

As the makers of Geritol, we embrace the concept of balance wholeheartedly, but what does that mean when it comes to multivitamins? The balance between your life and your career is important. The balance between personal space and public space is important. Likewise, we feel like balance between daily diet and daily supplement is important.

To lead a rich, energetic and full life, it’s paramount that you eat well, drink plenty of water and exercise every single day. That information has been well documented in scientific journals as well as fitness and fashion magazines. We know it to be true. But we also know that in the real world it’s not always possible to eat the best foods. This is where balance comes into the picture.

A multivitamin supplement like Geritol is exactly that – a supplement, or an add-on that provides nutritional support. It does not replace the leafy greens or the colorful fruits that you should be eating, but it provides close to 100% of the recommended daily value of 12 of the 26 essential vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis.

What is the source of the minerals in Geritol Multivitamin?

A lot more people are interested in where the ingredients in their foods and supplements come from, or where they are sourced. Geritol® liquid contains one mineral, iron, whereas there are 12 minerals in Geritol multivitamin including:

  • IRON (16mg) – Sourced from Carbonyl Iron FCC
  • PHOSPHORUS (118mg)  – Sourced from Calcium Phosphate USP
  • IODINE (120mcg) Potassium Iodide USP
  • MAGNESIUM (86mg) – Sourced from Magnesium Oxide USP
  • ZINC (13.5mg)  – Sourced from Zinc Oxide USP
  • COPPER (1.8mg) – Sourced from Cupric Oxide
  • MANGANESE (2.4mg) – Sourced from Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate
  • CHROMIUM (12mcg) – Sourced from Chromium Chloride Hexahydrate
  • MOLYBDENUM (1mcg) – Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate
  • SELENIUM (1mcg) – Sourced from Sodium Selenate
  • CHLORIDE (20mg) – From various sources as chloride salts of other minerals Potassium Chloride primarily.
  • POTASSIUM (36mg) – Sourced from Potassium Iodide USP, Potassium Chloride USP

The minerals in both Geritol products are derived from mineral salts, with the exception of iron. Iron is supplied in its purest form, called carbonyl iron. Some of the inorganic salts used are potassium iodide (iodine), sodium metavanadate (valadium), and magnesium oxide.

Will Geritol Multivitamin increase my fertility?

You may have read on someone’s blog or a forum online that taking Geritol will increase your fertility or help your chances of getting pregnant. Please consider the source… the internet is full of quick fixes and miracle solutions, and if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

There is, unfortunately, no evidence that specifically taking Geritol can increase your fertility or your chances of getting pregnant. We don’t make any fertility claims, and we’re not quite sure how the rumor got started.

If you are trying to conceive, talk to your doctor about taking a prenatal vitamin that is specially formulated to support your body’s unique needs during pregnancy. The use of Geritol multivitamins has not been studied in pregnant women. It is not a substitute for a prenatal vitamin.

Does Geritol Multivitamin contain beta-carotene?

Yes, Geritol multivitamin contains beta-carotene. In fact, of all the leading brands of multivitamins, Geritol multivitamin gives you the most beta-carotene of any multivitamin

Why is beta-carotene important in your diet? It’s actually a pigment in food, a nutrient classified as a “carotenoid” and is converted to vitamin A by your body. Vitamin A is an antioxidant and is essential for the immune system, your vision and overall normal body functioning.

HOW TO SPOT IT: Beta-carotene makes up the dark-colored pigments found in fruits and vegetables – so it can be easy to identify in colorful foods. Beta-carotene is abundant in produce like apricots, carrots, broccoli and spinach.

Sources: ¹IRI 52 weeks ending 1/24/2010

What type of iron does Geritol Multivitamin contain?

Geritol multivitamin contains 16 mg of elemental iron per tablet, or 90% of the daily value for iron, in the form of carbonyl iron. Carbonyl is a lesser known and gentler form of iron when compared to more common iron salts, such as ferrous sulfate and ferrous gluconate.


Carbonyl is gentler because it is a pure form of iron that requires your stomach’s acid to break it down for absorption. This process of natural regulation by the body prolongs the iron absorption and makes carbonyl gentler on the system.

Are the vitamins and minerals in Geritol Multivitamin synthetic?

The vitamins in Geritol multivitamin are synthetic, but they are as safe and bio-available as naturally derived vitamins. However, the minerals in Geritol® are not synthetic. (It is not possible to synthesize a mineral.)

All of the minerals are from natural sources and are, of course, purified. The minerals in all Geritol products are derived from mineral salts, with the exception of iron. Iron is supplied in its purest form, carbonyl iron. Some of the inorganic salts used are potassium iodide (iodine), sodium metavanadate (valadium), and magnesium oxide.

Is Geritol Multivitamin Time-Released?

No, Geritol multivitamin is not a time-release multivitamin. However, Geritol is specially formulated so that the nutrients are released at a steady rate.

A “time-release” caplet or capsule usually has a chemical coating that slowly releases the nutrients over a prolonged period of time. Geritol multivitamin does not have a time-release chemical coating.

It is worth noting that the type of iron used in Geritol is carbonyl iron, a gentler form of iron when compared to more common iron salts because its absorption is naturally regulated by your body. This prolonged absorption is due to the form of iron and not a chemical coating and helps make it gentler on your system than other irons.

Is Geritol Multivitamin Gluten-Free?

Yes. Although it is not stated on the bottle, the ingredients in Geritol multivitamin are gluten-free.

The “gluten-free” seal is appearing on more and more food products and supplements in the grocery aisles, so you might be wondering why. There is a growing awareness of celiac disease, as well as gluten intolerance, where the body launches an immune response in the presence of the gluten protein. The only medically accepted treatment for celiac disease is the adoption of a gluten-free diet. Gluten is found in common grains, such as wheat and rye, but is also present in unlikely foods and products as a stabilizer or thickening agent.

If you are looking for a gluten-free multivitamin, Geritol multivitamin is a prime, well-balanced choice for those with celiac disease.

Does Geritol Multivitamin contain yeast?

Yes. The B vitamins in Geritol are derived from a yeast source.

Are Geritol supplements kosher?

No, Geritol supplements are not kosher. The production of Geritol products is not supervised by a rabbi. Additionally, we do not know if the raw materials are processed according to kosher requirements.

Is it safe to take Geritol Multivitamin if I have heart problems, high blood pressure, or diabetes?

Geritol multivitamin is safe when used as directed.

However, if you are taking any prescription medication, are under the care of a physician for a medical condition, such as heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes, consult with your physician before using any medication or nutritional supplement.

If I remove the red coating on Geritol tablets, will it reduce the nutrients?

If you are worried about washing away valuable nutrients, good news for you! The nutritional value of the vitamins and minerals inside of the tablet will not be affected if you decide to remove the red outer coating of a Geritol® multivitamin tablet. Just follow our tips below.


However, if you wish to do this, be advised that you should not soak the tablets in water in order to remove or wash away the outer red coating. Instead, simply rinse the tablets under briskly running water and pat to dry.

Is it safe to take Geritol Multivitamin if I am pregnant or nursing?

A woman who is pregnant or nursing has different vitamin and mineral requirements than someone who is not, so always consult your doctor or healthcare provider.

Geritol multivitamin is safe when used as directed. However, if you are taking any prescription medication, are under the care of a physician for a medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing, consult with your physician before using any medication or nutritional supplement. The use of Geritol multivitamin has not been studied in pregnant women. It is not a substitute for a prenatal vitamin.

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